The Art Of Insanity

The political system and how it works
buying your votes and what are the quirks
Taking donations are just bribes we know
Everyone does it it’s part of the show
access to contracts to keep them afloat
Consider all options when buying your vote
Political theater to keep you amused
Political disasters now in the news
Political pundents now sheding tears
Political enemies now sharing beers
The election outcome already sold
Here’s your new leader the people are told
The sheep can’t believe that they didn’t win
Their political donations didn’t mean a thing
Their leaders all say one thing is clear
Send me your money we’ll get them next year
Official opposition now is their name
Shame the current government that’s the new game
Bitching and whining that’s what they do
Convincing the sheep Whom they will screw
Political theater it’s quite the joke
The money they spend a horse it would choke
People are homeless and hungry who cares
Politicians are soulless when selling their wares
They’ll tell you anything that you want to hear
Keep buying their bently’s and porche’s and beer
Give them your money that’s what you do
When buying a joke and the joke is on you

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