My Plea

My plea to the people of this planet
I don’t know how to make myself more clear
We are at a turning point in earths history
And where we are heading Is my worst fear

Division of the people so we’re far apart
No not social distancing that’s not what I mean
I’m talking about physical distance between our hearts
To block a connection that cannot be seen

Affairs of the heart I’m talking about love
I’m talking about when you meet someone
They personally fit you like a glove
I’m not saying sex although that can be fun

I’m saying energy felt when you first meet
Some how you know this persons unique
You know in your gut or maybe your heart
That something is wrong right from the start

Or something is right if you know what I mean
Some how you know without being seen
You can’t ignore it it’s right in your face
A certain vibration you get from the place

Your gut starts to tighten or maybe it’s calm
Some how it tells you if you belong
This unseen vibration or feeling you got
Tells you to listen it tells you a lot

But do we listen when it sounds the alarm
To keep us safe and away from the harm
That is currently threatening humanity
That could potentially kill our civility

Snitching on neighbors for dollars you owe
Government payouts for online trolls
Contact tracing to follow who knows
Hiding the truth their lies it does show

Our bodies are capable of hidden insight
And what has been hidden or maybe just lost
If we don’t tune in and use it our future it may cost
When making decisions that just don’t feel right

When something seems stupid and obvious to me
And on this point you might disagree
Isolate the healthy quarantined in your home
Told When you can leave and where you can rome

Booze and pot are essential they state
Elective surgery will just have to wait
Colored pictures of virus they tell you exist
Electron microscopes a fact they might miss

Only take images in black and white
Something is fishy something ain’t right
My bullshit meter just gave me the sign
My body screaming Will you listen this time

I’m no one special or gifted or different than you
I’m sure you’ve felt it like a slow turning screw
A tightening of your inner core
Do I have to tell you more

We have to realize
Mainstream media full of lies
Use your heart not just your head
Or you could wind up more than dead

So stop and give humanity a hand
Stop vaccinations while we still can
Bill he’s no doctor he’s just a gate
Help stop this now before it’s to late

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