Tell me Lord

When searching for answer to questions I’ve got
Sometimes the internet ain’t the only tool that I’ve bought
I’ve asked the ether or god to help me with that
Picked up his good book and here’s where I’m at

I got this book it was given to me
When I was 10 I was troubled you see
I was revolting like I’m still doing today
Nothing has changed I’m still doing it my way

So I’m sitting here with this book in my lap
Closing my eyes my inner self I do tap
I ask the ether to guide me some how
To open the book so I open it now

I keep my eyes closed intuition I feed
Show me the lines the ones I should read
Page 481 about half way down the page
The words from a prophet some called a sage

Seek ye out of the book of the Lord
and read no one of these shall fail
Some how I’ve been pushed here toward
To write these words and tell this tale

Now I do not attend no Sunday sermon
I am no prophet or no sage or tool
I’m only reporting not speaking German
I’m only saying that I think it’s cool

Don’t ever doubt your intuition
Your inner guidance from above
Use these tools at your discretion
Search for answers only using love

Don’t hold no opinion about the out come
Go with the flow as they used to say
Quite your mind inner peace now find some
Don’t hesitate to ask just ask away

Don’t think religion or spiritual awakening
That’s not why I’m here to tell you today
Using your wisdom and tools not forsaking
Finding your answers to questions your way

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