People all ways asking
Who is at the top
The people pulling on the strings
That make the puppets walk and talk

And how are they controlling them
To make them do what they must do
What nation state we might debate
Or is it just a Jew

Or maybe it’s the devil
Satan’s trusted friend
You know the beast beneath your feet
Or is he just pretend

I don’t know the answers
Questions are all I got
Is it rich man’s wars for some whore
That poor men take and fought

Or is it about the oil
The riches from our soil
Like gold and silver for the king
Or blood diamonds that’s a thing

But when I really ponder
And I really wonder why
Do people just go along
Why do they just comply

Then a little answer
Seems to come from up above
Fear control the masses
A world that lacks of love

When helping out a stranger
Now will put you into danger
Lives now just are worthless
Abortion performed upon request

Our worlds completely backwards
Since I was just a kid
Helping each and every other
Was just something that we did

We didn’t do it for the money
Or the hope it would lead to fame
I know this may sound funny
But there was no monetary gain

We did it for the pleasure
Of helping when we could
We went beyond any measure
Because it felt so good

To lend a hand when it was needed
To pick up their spirits too
You do the thing that you must do
Not for others but for you

I know this may sound greedy
But I personally know it’s true
I feel way better about myself
When I’m helping you

But don’t try to take advantage
Of my kindness or my stance
Try to rip me off my friend
On your grave I will piss and dance

But if you got a problem
Please don’t hesitate
Ask me for a helping hand
Hell I can relate

Life isn’t always easy
Sometimes we need a hand
Or maybe just an ear to hear
Someone to understand

If we did this all together
There’d be nothing they could do
There are no strings for good things
Only for who you’ll screw

So if your looking for the masters
That master over you
Grab a mirror and gaze upon
The fool it must be you

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