Build Your Nation

The history of Canada and when it began
Sir John A MacDonald well he was the man
right honorable title oh man what a joke
acceptance of bribes and buying of votes
a contract to build a line coast to coast
awarded to those who gave him the most
the first to resign and now don’t you think
our hopes on democracy beginning to stink
end of his rein coined the pacific scandal
handed over the purse for Mackenzie to handle
called into clean up and do a good thing
most won’t remember the lake superior ring
selling his influence to a yank named J Cooke
It seems that Mackenzie was also a crook
Your mind now is racing oh how can that be
what dirt we will find on prime minister three
oh we remember it’s sir john a repeat
ask Lious Reil all about his defeat
he climbed up the gibit and hung from his head
And John A was ruler until he was dead
Next on the list is the lawyer john jc Abbott
He held the cash until John a could grab it
Hughe Alan the cash man Abbott”s client you see
oh it’s to damn disturbing and sorted for me
the first twenty five years gone and nothing but crime
if this is democracy we need something better this time
The first three prime ministers full of nothing but lies
Look at the last three and I’m sure you’ll surmise
That democracy can not work they just put in another jerk
This is not the way to build a free and just nation
It’s not through voting or through patriation
They can’t give you the right when it’s not theirs to give
The right of the individual to live and let live
No writ or decree from someone who claims
they represent authority just adds fuel to the flames
The flames of freedom must burn through your heart
When building a nation right up from the start
When building your future get rid of your past
Don’t try to fix broken it ain’t going to last
Learn from the problems that you can see now
When building your nation you have to learn how
To become more involved in some sort or some way
When we leave it to others a price we will pay
When building a nation you start on yourself
Building good morals is more important than wealth
Build up your compassion to suffer together
We all suffer the storm until better weather
I’m not the smartest or brightest fellow you see
All that I know is what’s not working for me
I look around the world at all forms of control
The suffering from rulers has taken a toll
One that’s to high and to expensive to pay
The life of our children and those pasted away
We’re Not worth a dam according to them
They think that we’re kidding it all just pretend
That this world will stop working if we all just stay home
And all that I ask is am I alone
Or are you willing to suffer with me
To build a new nation a nation that’s free

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