Oh those Russians

Precedent has been established
The sheep they will obey
Now that masks are over
Here is what they say

The world is at the brink of war
Putin invaded Ukraine
People experiencing absolute horror
I know this sounds insane

But it makes my mind now wonder
When i listen to what they claim
Two years they denied it’s their blunder
But admit to bio labs in Ukraine

They’re worried about Russians hoarders
Grabbing all their gear
Why build it on their boarders
It’s the US we should fear

They lied about the virus
They lied about the vax
Open up your iris
They lie now that’s just fact

Now the biggest lie that has not yet been told
The Russians have released a deadly strain
That will effect the unborn, young and old
It’s the Russians they will blame

And the sheep will roll up their sleeves
To get inoculated once again
Scientific proof they don’t need
Just comply willfully to the end

And then when the war is done
They’ll say it was a false alarm
It was nothing it been all undone
Except the shit now in your arm

And about then August I surmise
The aliens will invade us then
But I won’t be surprised
If not August I ask when will they cease their lies

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