Quit Waiting

What is it that your waiting for
To make your dreams come true
Why do you take and dream some more
While waiting for something new

To only wait and wait some more
As if it is some kind of game
And as the years pass another four
Have left you older what a shame

And still you wait I know not why
You wait and kneel and pray
You pray to god up in your sky
And this is what you say

Show me the way show me a sign
I will behave I’ll be better this time
Just give me a chance to prove myself
Help me get rich I’ll spread the wealth

And as you lay your head to sleep
You pray the lord your soul to keep
That if you croak before for you wake
You pray to god your soul to take

And when you wake up in the morn
You curse your life from the time your born
You curse your god for godless sake
Didn’t take your life before you wake

And then you look upon a mirror
And see the fool who’s standing there
And see the years upon your face
And see your fall from his good grace

And as you stare into your eyes
You finally come to realize
That your life this mess you made
You had your part the one you played

You waited paitently for a sign
That you would make it just in time
To enjoy your golden years
Smiling faithfully through the tears

Hiding sorrow in your heart
The part you played right from the start
Waiting for your big chance
Blaming others or circumstance

And as the years have come and gone
Your still waiting even though it’s wrong
Well here’s your sign it will be the last
You’ve been waiting while your fading fast

So before they put you in your grave
Grab some life that’s what you crave
Don’t wait for life to come around
Just quit waiting how’s that sound

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