Isn’t it ironic
when we think of hypocrisy
that Our Government comes to our mind
And the word Democracy
Rule by the people
That’s how it is defined
But when we really consider truth’s
It just blows our enslaved minds

The Government needs money
To buy new armaments
Yet veterans suffer every day
They have no arms not yet
It seems the vets are asking
A little more than before
They lost their limbs and gave their lives
To fight these losers wars

The hypocrites say free speech
they will defend until the end
They sell us vaccinations
to protect us once again
And the sleepen sheepeople
they just don’t comprehend
They don’t care about the people
it’s the profits they defend

another example you might consider
When we look into our past
The ways they change or make our laws
They do it really fast
When the coffers of the rulers
Will benefit you see
But things take years slow moving gears
When it benefit’s you and me

Our worlds completely backwards
it makes no sense you see
when lawyers protect the criminals
and judges set them free
When terrorists are paid big bucks
But veterans are just out of luck
And still they ask us for so much more
These governmental working whores

Democracy is an illusion
freedom of choice is a delusion
Your constitutional or bill of rights
all come down to your will to fight
To stand alone as others crawl
to heed the warning and hear the call
Protect your rights that they won’t give
Human rights that let you live

Do as I say
not as I do
A well known saying
from I know not who
Our governments motto
Our history it shows
Rule of the people
Ya this really blows


People all ways asking
Who is at the top
The people pulling on the strings
That make the puppets walk and talk

And how are they controlling them
To make them do what they must do
What nation state we might debate
Or is it just a Jew

Or maybe it’s the devil
Satan’s trusted friend
You know the beast beneath your feet
Or is he just pretend

I don’t know the answers
Questions are all I got
Is it rich man’s wars for some whore
That poor men take and fought

Or is it about the oil
The riches from our soil
Like gold and silver for the king
Or blood diamonds that’s a thing

But when I really ponder
And I really wonder why
Do people just go along
Why do they just comply

Then a little answer
Seems to come from up above
Fear control the masses
A world that lacks of love

When helping out a stranger
Now will put you into danger
Lives now just are worthless
Abortion performed upon request

Our worlds completely backwards
Since I was just a kid
Helping each and every other
Was just something that we did

We didn’t do it for the money
Or the hope it would lead to fame
I know this may sound funny
But there was no monetary gain

We did it for the pleasure
Of helping when we could
We went beyond any measure
Because it felt so good

To lend a hand when it was needed
To pick up their spirits too
You do the thing that you must do
Not for others but for you

I know this may sound greedy
But I personally know it’s true
I feel way better about myself
When I’m helping you

But don’t try to take advantage
Of my kindness or my stance
Try to rip me off my friend
On your grave I will piss and dance

But if you got a problem
Please don’t hesitate
Ask me for a helping hand
Hell I can relate

Life isn’t always easy
Sometimes we need a hand
Or maybe just an ear to hear
Someone to understand

If we did this all together
There’d be nothing they could do
There are no strings for good things
Only for who you’ll screw

So if your looking for the masters
That master over you
Grab a mirror and gaze upon
The fool it must be you

Measure of a Man

There was a time you might remember
The measure of a man
Not by the types of clothes he wore
Or the gold upon his hand
His hands were rough and callused
His face was wet with sweat
And when we gave his word back then
It’s as good as gold you bet

Our worlds completely backwards
It makes no sense you see
When lawyers protect the criminals
And judges set them free
When doctors are paid to keep us sick
Without a cure in sight
And schools don’t teach us anything
Only to read and write

The priest molest the children
The church just buries it
The police just turn the other way
They don’t give a shit
The governments of the nations
Deceive us yes it’s true
Lies and manipulation control the masses
That’s what they do

There’s trouble it’s been brewing
For a long long while
They tell you what you can do
They really cramp our style
Vaccinations for the nations
It’s so we all don’t get sick
Mass extermination
Now that’s their hidden trick

They continue to take and kill us
With the food that we eat
Our breads not bread our milk’s not milk
And no more real meat
Our fate has been determined
We all are on their list
And for sure as we go to war
There’s something we have missed

911 was a false flag
And yes it’s a plot to rob us all
To take away our liberty
And for justice we did call
And so the poor were sent to war
Not for justice but for oil
And like the frog were in a fog
As the water begins to boil

But don’t worry it gets better
Or so the story goes
JFK was killed that day
By a single sniper now you know
LBJ has had his way
And not one thing was done you see
And now the sights are trained on us
I’m saying you and me

First weapons registration
That’s how they take control
Then mass confiscation
Of just the bad guns we are told
And soon the population
Has no hope now don’t you see
We have no arms to protect ourselves
From this tyranny

So grab your guns and arm yourselves
Or prepare to die
There’s no justice in this world
No matter how hard you cry
For tears don’t stop the madness when
Bullets begin to fly
You may as well bend over now

And kiss your ass good bye


Way back in the cold war do you remember that imminent threat
Commie’s they were everywhere it was as bad as it could get
These ruthless reds where poisoning humanities hopes and dreams
But what we perceived as truth were lies deception and scheme’s
There’s way more to this world than what meet’s the eye’s
The things that we perceive as truth are just bold face lies
Climate chaos they present as the new threat not communist’s
If we don’t do something quick our world will die I guess
That’s the line their selling our future not so bright
If we don’t pony up the dough we will lose the fight
Climate chaos it will kill us twelve years are all we got
The bait is cast the hook is set another sucker caught
Hand out all your money Now don’t that just sound strange
Some how fiat currency can repair our climate change
This ain’t about the weather and our mother earth
It’s about relieving you of what ever that your worth
Your home your car’s your liberty even all your land
Will be confiscated for the greater good by the hidden hand
I know now what you are thinking this sounds a little red
No not communism this is socialism this is what they said
Democracy is an illusion freedom of choice is a delusion
Your constitutional or bill of rights all come down to your will to fight
To stand alone as others crawl to heed the warning and hear the call
There’s nothing new about the new world order it’s just a new name

For one to take and hide the truth so the commie’s they can rein

Sharing Something Special

It is with great sorrow that we announce the anticipated passing of Ilona Helmi Wickstrom

Daughter of Pearl Wickstrom and Dennis Wickstrom step mom Beth and eternal dad Andrew Ojala.
Mother of sons Jersey Blain Little and Houston Wickstrom – along with Houston’s soul partner Shanelle. And grandmother to her four grandbabies-Jersey’s children- Micheal, Maddie, Trinity and Katerinna. Ilona has one sibling her brother Ray Wickstrom still residing in Thunder Bay somewhere?

Born in Thunder Bay Ontario on January 20 1975 and passing peacefully on September 9 2021 while comforted by family, doctors and nurses of the Cranbrook Regional Hospital.

Ilona left many friends and family behind and was predeceased by many friends and loved ones that she lost over these last two years.

Although struggling herself Ilona opened her heart and home to many of these individuals in their time of need. Caring and giving and making a difference in the lives that she touched.

Services will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers, if you would like you can make a donation to the Salvation Army

I cannot mend my broken heart
Learning I have lost my friend
Once my time has come and gone
Next time we take and meet again
A silent prayer for you I send

Hoping now that you can finally rest
Even though my heart still hurts
Losing you will never stop
My love for you and your time on earth
I miss you I love you I will never forget you

While your time on earth was short
I feel your presence with us today
Calming us as we deal with sorrow
Keeping us from going insane
Still our hearts it beats tomorrow
Till our time has come and gone
Remember that our time is borrowed
Our time on earth is not to long
May you be at peace and never forgotten

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Tell me Lord

When searching for answer to questions I’ve got
Sometimes the internet ain’t the only tool that I’ve bought
I’ve asked the ether or god to help me with that
Picked up his good book and here’s where I’m at

I got this book it was given to me
When I was 10 I was troubled you see
I was revolting like I’m still doing today
Nothing has changed I’m still doing it my way

So I’m sitting here with this book in my lap
Closing my eyes my inner self I do tap
I ask the ether to guide me some how
To open the book so I open it now

I keep my eyes closed intuition I feed
Show me the lines the ones I should read
Page 481 about half way down the page
The words from a prophet some called a sage

Seek ye out of the book of the Lord
and read no one of these shall fail
Some how I’ve been pushed here toward
To write these words and tell this tale

Now I do not attend no Sunday sermon
I am no prophet or no sage or tool
I’m only reporting not speaking German
I’m only saying that I think it’s cool

Don’t ever doubt your intuition
Your inner guidance from above
Use these tools at your discretion
Search for answers only using love

Don’t hold no opinion about the out come
Go with the flow as they used to say
Quite your mind inner peace now find some
Don’t hesitate to ask just ask away

Don’t think religion or spiritual awakening
That’s not why I’m here to tell you today
Using your wisdom and tools not forsaking
Finding your answers to questions your way

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Your to Blame

What’s up you fucken morons
I can’t believe it’s true
I can’t believe the lengths I must take
To get my message to come through

Now I have to mention
Your lack of intelligence
How you’ll believe some white coat
Over common cents

Religious people getting vaptised
A little poke a little pain
What’s in it that don’t matter
Saint Fauci their saviors name

Wear your muzzle social distance
Wash your hands until they are red
Take your shots and all the variants
Effective and safe is what they said

They have a plan for de population
And your up it’s time to swing
Here’s the pitch that keeps on giving
Safe and effective is what they sing

And you did and you told others
To do the same just like you
Herd immunity among others
That’s exactly what sheep do

A crown of thorns upon his head
Crucified on a cross until dead
Corona Latin for a crown
A connection that maybe profound

Now here’s the thing They don’t tell you
I’ll spell it out for what it’s worth
You don’t need no vaccine nation
You have immunity from the day of birth

But of course you won’t believe me
I have no white coat or MD before my name
But when you drop dead from your drug dealing
There are no others your to blame

Listen I don’t care if your catholic
Or a Muslim or a Jew
The only thing I care about
Is to get this message through to you

If revelations is a revealing
And the four horseman are about our sun
And the rapture is about a new beginning
Then your understanding has just begun

Apocalyptic words of wisdom
The great reset has begun
Not Klaus Schwab or his minions
I’m talking about our fading sun

Suspicious Observers please consider
Do a quick search to find some truth
A disaster is coming that’s the title
Share if you care about our youth

Thirteen minutes of understanding
What’s in store for us on earth
Due diligence is what I’m commanding
Protect yourself for what it’s worth

If by chance or fate

If you can keep your freedom when all around you
Others are losing theirs and blaming it on you
If you can trust your gut while propaganda surrounds you
And do some research to find out what is true
If you can take and make your life worth living
While being lied about and censored too
If you can do this without forgiving
Then it’s clear it’s freedom that you choose
If you can see the government becoming your master
If you can feel the boot of tyranny on your throat
If you can rise up to avoid this disaster
And realize that it’s useless to vote
If you care to hear as truth is spoken
When others turn a deaf ear to the noise
When commonsense seems all but broken
And common good is not one of life’s little joys
If you can take the heap of all the bullshit that their slinging
And run the risk of censorship from the top
And loose your channel and start again at the beginning
And never bitch or complain or never stop
If you can find a host that seems willing
To pitch the truth for what it’s worth
A simple penny or a single shilling
What’s the price for a better earth
If you can talk to crowds and check your ego
When others applaud or call you a fool
If you can walk the talk when others doubt you
And make commonsense a useful tool
If you can make some sense of all the madness
While others walk around in a daze
If you can laugh in the face of sadness
And see the actors and the stage
If you can do this all while living
And have no doubt that you have won
Then your life will have a new beginning
And your story has just begun