Kane Andrew Martin Fidler RIP

October 17 1999-January 27 2023

I call upon you lord to help me here I pray
I pray that you inspire me and guide what I might say
For words don’t seem to be enough for what now lies in store
Events of life that seem to come and shake you to your core

I call upon you lord right now as witnesses listen in
I confess to you my god right now no man is without sin
As I profess my grief today as these words are said out loud
No one here is without sin no one in this crowd

The life we live the life we chose it’s our choice to make
Free will was given to each of us to make our own mistakes
And I made them and I suffered all alone it’s true
Am I alone in my suffering or have you suffered too

Life is fleeting our souls bleeding what are we to do
I have no answers only questions and now I’m asking you
What’s your sin is it addiction of money drugs or fame
Or is it societal standing protecting your good name

I’ll confess I am guilty of all these things it’s true
I will profess that I’ll do better I pray that you will too
Peer deep inside your heart today the truth reveals within
There’s only been I man on earth that was free of sin

Quit Waiting

What is it that your waiting for
To make your dreams come true
Why do you take and dream some more
While waiting for something new

To only wait and wait some more
As if it is some kind of game
And as the years pass another four
Have left you older what a shame

And still you wait I know not why
You wait and kneel and pray
You pray to god up in your sky
And this is what you say

Show me the way show me a sign
I will behave I’ll be better this time
Just give me a chance to prove myself
Help me get rich I’ll spread the wealth

And as you lay your head to sleep
You pray the lord your soul to keep
That if you croak before for you wake
You pray to god your soul to take

And when you wake up in the morn
You curse your life from the time your born
You curse your god for godless sake
Didn’t take your life before you wake

And then you look upon a mirror
And see the fool who’s standing there
And see the years upon your face
And see your fall from his good grace

And as you stare into your eyes
You finally come to realize
That your life this mess you made
You had your part the one you played

You waited paitently for a sign
That you would make it just in time
To enjoy your golden years
Smiling faithfully through the tears

Hiding sorrow in your heart
The part you played right from the start
Waiting for your big chance
Blaming others or circumstance

And as the years have come and gone
Your still waiting even though it’s wrong
Well here’s your sign it will be the last
You’ve been waiting while your fading fast

So before they put you in your grave
Grab some life that’s what you crave
Don’t wait for life to come around
Just quit waiting how’s that sound

Oh those Russians

Precedent has been established
The sheep they will obey
Now that masks are over
Here is what they say

The world is at the brink of war
Putin invaded Ukraine
People experiencing absolute horror
I know this sounds insane

But it makes my mind now wonder
When i listen to what they claim
Two years they denied it’s their blunder
But admit to bio labs in Ukraine

They’re worried about Russians hoarders
Grabbing all their gear
Why build it on their boarders
It’s the US we should fear

They lied about the virus
They lied about the vax
Open up your iris
They lie now that’s just fact

Now the biggest lie that has not yet been told
The Russians have released a deadly strain
That will effect the unborn, young and old
It’s the Russians they will blame

And the sheep will roll up their sleeves
To get inoculated once again
Scientific proof they don’t need
Just comply willfully to the end

And then when the war is done
They’ll say it was a false alarm
It was nothing it been all undone
Except the shit now in your arm

And about then August I surmise
The aliens will invade us then
But I won’t be surprised
If not August I ask when will they cease their lies

Build Your Nation

The history of Canada and when it began
Sir John A MacDonald well he was the man
right honorable title oh man what a joke
acceptance of bribes and buying of votes
a contract to build a line coast to coast
awarded to those who gave him the most
the first to resign and now don’t you think
our hopes on democracy beginning to stink
end of his rein coined the pacific scandal
handed over the purse for Mackenzie to handle
called into clean up and do a good thing
most won’t remember the lake superior ring
selling his influence to a yank named J Cooke
It seems that Mackenzie was also a crook
Your mind now is racing oh how can that be
what dirt we will find on prime minister three
oh we remember it’s sir john a repeat
ask Lious Reil all about his defeat
he climbed up the gibit and hung from his head
And John A was ruler until he was dead
Next on the list is the lawyer john jc Abbott
He held the cash until John a could grab it
Hughe Alan the cash man Abbott”s client you see
oh it’s to damn disturbing and sorted for me
the first twenty five years gone and nothing but crime
if this is democracy we need something better this time
The first three prime ministers full of nothing but lies
Look at the last three and I’m sure you’ll surmise
That democracy can not work they just put in another jerk
This is not the way to build a free and just nation
It’s not through voting or through patriation
They can’t give you the right when it’s not theirs to give
The right of the individual to live and let live
No writ or decree from someone who claims
they represent authority just adds fuel to the flames
The flames of freedom must burn through your heart
When building a nation right up from the start
When building your future get rid of your past
Don’t try to fix broken it ain’t going to last
Learn from the problems that you can see now
When building your nation you have to learn how
To become more involved in some sort or some way
When we leave it to others a price we will pay
When building a nation you start on yourself
Building good morals is more important than wealth
Build up your compassion to suffer together
We all suffer the storm until better weather
I’m not the smartest or brightest fellow you see
All that I know is what’s not working for me
I look around the world at all forms of control
The suffering from rulers has taken a toll
One that’s to high and to expensive to pay
The life of our children and those pasted away
We’re Not worth a dam according to them
They think that we’re kidding it all just pretend
That this world will stop working if we all just stay home
And all that I ask is am I alone
Or are you willing to suffer with me
To build a new nation a nation that’s free

State Of Emergency

Hey Chicken Little
Remember his claim
The sky is falling
The sky is falling
Sounds a bit insane

Now we have heard
From others in the past
Our oceans are rising
Glaciers melting really fast

It’s a state of emergency
That we must fix some how
This was due to methane
From some farting cow

Or was that Co2
That’s causing all of this
Another state of emergency
That you might have missed

Maybe it’s the terrorists
Working in the dark
Thwarting your way of life
I think they missed the mark

Or perhaps a virus
Our invisible foe
Inoculation of the nation
This is what they crow

Maybe there’s another
One you might have missed
The real threat to humans
Continuing to exist

I’m talking about the rulers
The one’s that do decree
Another state of emergency
To control us easily

Pumping up the fear
Twisting all the facts
To me it all seems clear
They do not have our backs

They want all the power
To tell us what to do
Trample all your human rights
No justice not for you

Your constitution don’t mean a thing
Your bill of rights they will infringe
Declaring a state of emergency
They make laws in urgency

To rob you of your living rights
To control the groups that they don’t like
The call them terrorists that’s what they do
To strip your rights the rights of you

Telling you to stay at home
Telling you what you can say
Telling you what are the facts
Telling you what you will pay

No consultations from the nation
No time to ask they just decree
Do this now don’t ask questions
It’s a state of emergency

This is how they kill your freedom
This is how they control us all
Emergency powers we don’t need them
When capturing gas from a cow

Fringe Minority

A small fringe a minority is in Ottawa they say
A group that doesn’t represent Canada in any given way
They are racists and misogynistic this is what we’re told
I want to point a few things out if I may be so bold

The individuals have been painted by public opinion that’s what they spout
But when we look at who they are we may have little doubt
If you think that who I’m talking about came to Ottawa in a truck
I’m talking about the people in parliament those who don’t give a fuck

About the individual in a thing called a democracy is my hunch
Two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s in store for lunch
Fifty one percent telling forty nine what to do and say
Mob rule of the society to take your individual rights away

The leader of this group called the prime minister he’s a joke
The money he has stole from us a horse it now would choke
Scandal after scandal hidden behind a the wall of lies
Go against the doctrine will be a quick demise

You’ll lose your job like Judy if you don’t back the lies
Or replaced and then disgraced before the public eyes
His daddy was a racist back when he ruled up upon the hill
And Justin and his black face even more a bitter pill

So this fringe minority and their leader sox’s galore
He’s projection to the people of this I’m absolutely sure
Shows who the misogynistic racist is to his very core
Do I have to paint a picture or have to tell you more


Isn’t it ironic
when we think of hypocrisy
that Our Government comes to our mind
And the word Democracy
Rule by the people
That’s how it is defined
But when we really consider truth’s
It just blows our enslaved minds

The Government needs money
To buy new armaments
Yet veterans suffer every day
They have no arms not yet
It seems the vets are asking
A little more than before
They lost their limbs and gave their lives
To fight these losers wars

The hypocrites say free speech
they will defend until the end
They sell us vaccinations
to protect us once again
And the sleepen sheepeople
they just don’t comprehend
They don’t care about the people
it’s the profits they defend

another example you might consider
When we look into our past
The ways they change or make our laws
They do it really fast
When the coffers of the rulers
Will benefit you see
But things take years slow moving gears
When it benefit’s you and me

Our worlds completely backwards
it makes no sense you see
when lawyers protect the criminals
and judges set them free
When terrorists are paid big bucks
But veterans are just out of luck
And still they ask us for so much more
These governmental working whores

Democracy is an illusion
freedom of choice is a delusion
Your constitutional or bill of rights
all come down to your will to fight
To stand alone as others crawl
to heed the warning and hear the call
Protect your rights that they won’t give
Human rights that let you live

Do as I say
not as I do
A well known saying
from I know not who
Our governments motto
Our history it shows
Rule of the people
Ya this really blows


People all ways asking
Who is at the top
The people pulling on the strings
That make the puppets walk and talk

And how are they controlling them
To make them do what they must do
What nation state we might debate
Or is it just a Jew

Or maybe it’s the devil
Satan’s trusted friend
You know the beast beneath your feet
Or is he just pretend

I don’t know the answers
Questions are all I got
Is it rich man’s wars for some whore
That poor men take and fought

Or is it about the oil
The riches from our soil
Like gold and silver for the king
Or blood diamonds that’s a thing

But when I really ponder
And I really wonder why
Do people just go along
Why do they just comply

Then a little answer
Seems to come from up above
Fear control the masses
A world that lacks of love

When helping out a stranger
Now will put you into danger
Lives now just are worthless
Abortion performed upon request

Our worlds completely backwards
Since I was just a kid
Helping each and every other
Was just something that we did

We didn’t do it for the money
Or the hope it would lead to fame
I know this may sound funny
But there was no monetary gain

We did it for the pleasure
Of helping when we could
We went beyond any measure
Because it felt so good

To lend a hand when it was needed
To pick up their spirits too
You do the thing that you must do
Not for others but for you

I know this may sound greedy
But I personally know it’s true
I feel way better about myself
When I’m helping you

But don’t try to take advantage
Of my kindness or my stance
Try to rip me off my friend
On your grave I will piss and dance

But if you got a problem
Please don’t hesitate
Ask me for a helping hand
Hell I can relate

Life isn’t always easy
Sometimes we need a hand
Or maybe just an ear to hear
Someone to understand

If we did this all together
There’d be nothing they could do
There are no strings for good things
Only for who you’ll screw

So if your looking for the masters
That master over you
Grab a mirror and gaze upon
The fool it must be you

Measure of a Man

There was a time you might remember
The measure of a man
Not by the types of clothes he wore
Or the gold upon his hand
His hands were rough and callused
His face was wet with sweat
And when we gave his word back then
It’s as good as gold you bet

Our worlds completely backwards
It makes no sense you see
When lawyers protect the criminals
And judges set them free
When doctors are paid to keep us sick
Without a cure in sight
And schools don’t teach us anything
Only to read and write

The priest molest the children
The church just buries it
The police just turn the other way
They don’t give a shit
The governments of the nations
Deceive us yes it’s true
Lies and manipulation control the masses
That’s what they do

There’s trouble it’s been brewing
For a long long while
They tell you what you can do
They really cramp our style
Vaccinations for the nations
It’s so we all don’t get sick
Mass extermination
Now that’s their hidden trick

They continue to take and kill us
With the food that we eat
Our breads not bread our milk’s not milk
And no more real meat
Our fate has been determined
We all are on their list
And for sure as we go to war
There’s something we have missed

911 was a false flag
And yes it’s a plot to rob us all
To take away our liberty
And for justice we did call
And so the poor were sent to war
Not for justice but for oil
And like the frog were in a fog
As the water begins to boil

But don’t worry it gets better
Or so the story goes
JFK was killed that day
By a single sniper now you know
LBJ has had his way
And not one thing was done you see
And now the sights are trained on us
I’m saying you and me

First weapons registration
That’s how they take control
Then mass confiscation
Of just the bad guns we are told
And soon the population
Has no hope now don’t you see
We have no arms to protect ourselves
From this tyranny

So grab your guns and arm yourselves
Or prepare to die
There’s no justice in this world
No matter how hard you cry
For tears don’t stop the madness when
Bullets begin to fly
You may as well bend over now

And kiss your ass good bye