Kane Andrew Martin Fidler RIP

October 17 1999-January 27 2023

I call upon you lord to help me here I pray
I pray that you inspire me and guide what I might say
For words don’t seem to be enough for what now lies in store
Events of life that seem to come and shake you to your core

I call upon you lord right now as witnesses listen in
I confess to you my god right now no man is without sin
As I profess my grief today as these words are said out loud
No one here is without sin no one in this crowd

The life we live the life we chose it’s our choice to make
Free will was given to each of us to make our own mistakes
And I made them and I suffered all alone it’s true
Am I alone in my suffering or have you suffered too

Life is fleeting our souls bleeding what are we to do
I have no answers only questions and now I’m asking you
What’s your sin is it addiction of money drugs or fame
Or is it societal standing protecting your good name

I’ll confess I am guilty of all these things it’s true
I will profess that I’ll do better I pray that you will too
Peer deep inside your heart today the truth reveals within
There’s only been I man on earth that was free of sin

Sharing Something Special

It is with great sorrow that we announce the anticipated passing of Ilona Helmi Wickstrom

Daughter of Pearl Wickstrom and Dennis Wickstrom step mom Beth and eternal dad Andrew Ojala.
Mother of sons Jersey Blain Little and Houston Wickstrom – along with Houston’s soul partner Shanelle. And grandmother to her four grandbabies-Jersey’s children- Micheal, Maddie, Trinity and Katerinna. Ilona has one sibling her brother Ray Wickstrom still residing in Thunder Bay somewhere?

Born in Thunder Bay Ontario on January 20 1975 and passing peacefully on September 9 2021 while comforted by family, doctors and nurses of the Cranbrook Regional Hospital.

Ilona left many friends and family behind and was predeceased by many friends and loved ones that she lost over these last two years.

Although struggling herself Ilona opened her heart and home to many of these individuals in their time of need. Caring and giving and making a difference in the lives that she touched.

Services will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers, if you would like you can make a donation to the Salvation Army

I cannot mend my broken heart
Learning I have lost my friend
Once my time has come and gone
Next time we take and meet again
A silent prayer for you I send

Hoping now that you can finally rest
Even though my heart still hurts
Losing you will never stop
My love for you and your time on earth
I miss you I love you I will never forget you

While your time on earth was short
I feel your presence with us today
Calming us as we deal with sorrow
Keeping us from going insane
Still our hearts it beats tomorrow
Till our time has come and gone
Remember that our time is borrowed
Our time on earth is not to long
May you be at peace and never forgotten

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