Deception all around us
and no one seems to care
Lies are truth’s and Truth’s are lies
lying every where
Science isn’t Science
a religion it has become
Go against the doctrine
and you’ll surely starve my son
Sadistic as it sounds
these words give me no pleasure
The poor get poorer when they implement
their austerity measures
The poor and middle class
will pay for all of it
And as the rich get richer
down upon us they will spit
We’re worthless dirty vermin
that need to die you know
This world is just not big enough
unless it’s you who holds the dough
The taxes they impose on us
To clean the mess they made
Now they tell us take a bus
So our carbon footprints fade
This weaponized religion
Known as climate change
Is all about your money
I know it sounds deranged
The economy’s of the world
are about to crash
So they implemented austerity measures
To inject it with your cash
It’s not about pollution
Or save the planet see
It all about enslavement
Of Humanity
Children they will use
To drive the message home
How Dare our future you abuse
Dig’s deep down to the bone
People now they panic
they believe the government
Their fate they seal upon themselves
and the rich they just lament
They didn’t start it sooner
It’s going oh so well
The piper leading all the rat’s
To the gates of hell