Your to Blame

What’s up you fucken morons
I can’t believe it’s true
I can’t believe the lengths I must take
To get my message to come through

Now I have to mention
Your lack of intelligence
How you’ll believe some white coat
Over common cents

Religious people getting vaptised
A little poke a little pain
What’s in it that don’t matter
Saint Fauci their saviors name

Wear your muzzle social distance
Wash your hands until they are red
Take your shots and all the variants
Effective and safe is what they said

They have a plan for de population
And your up it’s time to swing
Here’s the pitch that keeps on giving
Safe and effective is what they sing

And you did and you told others
To do the same just like you
Herd immunity among others
That’s exactly what sheep do

A crown of thorns upon his head
Crucified on a cross until dead
Corona Latin for a crown
A connection that maybe profound

Now here’s the thing They don’t tell you
I’ll spell it out for what it’s worth
You don’t need no vaccine nation
You have immunity from the day of birth

But of course you won’t believe me
I have no white coat or MD before my name
But when you drop dead from your drug dealing
There are no others your to blame

Listen I don’t care if your catholic
Or a Muslim or a Jew
The only thing I care about
Is to get this message through to you

If revelations is a revealing
And the four horseman are about our sun
And the rapture is about a new beginning
Then your understanding has just begun

Apocalyptic words of wisdom
The great reset has begun
Not Klaus Schwab or his minions
I’m talking about our fading sun

Suspicious Observers please consider
Do a quick search to find some truth
A disaster is coming that’s the title
Share if you care about our youth

Thirteen minutes of understanding
What’s in store for us on earth
Due diligence is what I’m commanding
Protect yourself for what it’s worth