Isn’t it ironic
when we think of hypocrisy
that Our Government comes to our mind
And the word Democracy
Rule by the people
That’s how it is defined
But when we really consider truth’s
It just blows our enslaved minds

The Government needs money
To buy new armaments
Yet veterans suffer every day
They have no arms not yet
It seems the vets are asking
A little more than before
They lost their limbs and gave their lives
To fight these losers wars

The hypocrites say free speech
they will defend until the end
They sell us vaccinations
to protect us once again
And the sleepen sheepeople
they just don’t comprehend
They don’t care about the people
it’s the profits they defend

another example you might consider
When we look into our past
The ways they change or make our laws
They do it really fast
When the coffers of the rulers
Will benefit you see
But things take years slow moving gears
When it benefit’s you and me

Our worlds completely backwards
it makes no sense you see
when lawyers protect the criminals
and judges set them free
When terrorists are paid big bucks
But veterans are just out of luck
And still they ask us for so much more
These governmental working whores

Democracy is an illusion
freedom of choice is a delusion
Your constitutional or bill of rights
all come down to your will to fight
To stand alone as others crawl
to heed the warning and hear the call
Protect your rights that they won’t give
Human rights that let you live

Do as I say
not as I do
A well known saying
from I know not who
Our governments motto
Our history it shows
Rule of the people
Ya this really blows