Measure of a Man

There was a time you might remember
The measure of a man
Not by the types of clothes he wore
Or the gold upon his hand
His hands were rough and callused
His face was wet with sweat
And when we gave his word back then
It’s as good as gold you bet

Our worlds completely backwards
It makes no sense you see
When lawyers protect the criminals
And judges set them free
When doctors are paid to keep us sick
Without a cure in sight
And schools don’t teach us anything
Only to read and write

The priest molest the children
The church just buries it
The police just turn the other way
They don’t give a shit
The governments of the nations
Deceive us yes it’s true
Lies and manipulation control the masses
That’s what they do

There’s trouble it’s been brewing
For a long long while
They tell you what you can do
They really cramp our style
Vaccinations for the nations
It’s so we all don’t get sick
Mass extermination
Now that’s their hidden trick

They continue to take and kill us
With the food that we eat
Our breads not bread our milk’s not milk
And no more real meat
Our fate has been determined
We all are on their list
And for sure as we go to war
There’s something we have missed

911 was a false flag
And yes it’s a plot to rob us all
To take away our liberty
And for justice we did call
And so the poor were sent to war
Not for justice but for oil
And like the frog were in a fog
As the water begins to boil

But don’t worry it gets better
Or so the story goes
JFK was killed that day
By a single sniper now you know
LBJ has had his way
And not one thing was done you see
And now the sights are trained on us
I’m saying you and me

First weapons registration
That’s how they take control
Then mass confiscation
Of just the bad guns we are told
And soon the population
Has no hope now don’t you see
We have no arms to protect ourselves
From this tyranny

So grab your guns and arm yourselves
Or prepare to die
There’s no justice in this world
No matter how hard you cry
For tears don’t stop the madness when
Bullets begin to fly
You may as well bend over now

And kiss your ass good bye