Fringe Minority

A small fringe a minority is in Ottawa they say
A group that doesn’t represent Canada in any given way
They are racists and misogynistic this is what we’re told
I want to point a few things out if I may be so bold

The individuals have been painted by public opinion that’s what they spout
But when we look at who they are we may have little doubt
If you think that who I’m talking about came to Ottawa in a truck
I’m talking about the people in parliament those who don’t give a fuck

About the individual in a thing called a democracy is my hunch
Two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s in store for lunch
Fifty one percent telling forty nine what to do and say
Mob rule of the society to take your individual rights away

The leader of this group called the prime minister he’s a joke
The money he has stole from us a horse it now would choke
Scandal after scandal hidden behind a the wall of lies
Go against the doctrine will be a quick demise

You’ll lose your job like Judy if you don’t back the lies
Or replaced and then disgraced before the public eyes
His daddy was a racist back when he ruled up upon the hill
And Justin and his black face even more a bitter pill

So this fringe minority and their leader sox’s galore
He’s projection to the people of this I’m absolutely sure
Shows who the misogynistic racist is to his very core
Do I have to paint a picture or have to tell you more