State Of Emergency

Hey Chicken Little
Remember his claim
The sky is falling
The sky is falling
Sounds a bit insane

Now we have heard
From others in the past
Our oceans are rising
Glaciers melting really fast

It’s a state of emergency
That we must fix some how
This was due to methane
From some farting cow

Or was that Co2
That’s causing all of this
Another state of emergency
That you might have missed

Maybe it’s the terrorists
Working in the dark
Thwarting your way of life
I think they missed the mark

Or perhaps a virus
Our invisible foe
Inoculation of the nation
This is what they crow

Maybe there’s another
One you might have missed
The real threat to humans
Continuing to exist

I’m talking about the rulers
The one’s that do decree
Another state of emergency
To control us easily

Pumping up the fear
Twisting all the facts
To me it all seems clear
They do not have our backs

They want all the power
To tell us what to do
Trample all your human rights
No justice not for you

Your constitution don’t mean a thing
Your bill of rights they will infringe
Declaring a state of emergency
They make laws in urgency

To rob you of your living rights
To control the groups that they don’t like
The call them terrorists that’s what they do
To strip your rights the rights of you

Telling you to stay at home
Telling you what you can say
Telling you what are the facts
Telling you what you will pay

No consultations from the nation
No time to ask they just decree
Do this now don’t ask questions
It’s a state of emergency

This is how they kill your freedom
This is how they control us all
Emergency powers we don’t need them
When capturing gas from a cow