Way back in the cold war do you remember that imminent threat
Commie’s they were everywhere it was as bad as it could get
These ruthless reds where poisoning humanities hopes and dreams
But what we perceived as truth were lies deception and scheme’s
There’s way more to this world than what meet’s the eye’s
The things that we perceive as truth are just bold face lies
Climate chaos they present as the new threat not communist’s
If we don’t do something quick our world will die I guess
That’s the line their selling our future not so bright
If we don’t pony up the dough we will lose the fight
Climate chaos it will kill us twelve years are all we got
The bait is cast the hook is set another sucker caught
Hand out all your money Now don’t that just sound strange
Some how fiat currency can repair our climate change
This ain’t about the weather and our mother earth
It’s about relieving you of what ever that your worth
Your home your car’s your liberty even all your land
Will be confiscated for the greater good by the hidden hand
I know now what you are thinking this sounds a little red
No not communism this is socialism this is what they said
Democracy is an illusion freedom of choice is a delusion
Your constitutional or bill of rights all come down to your will to fight
To stand alone as others crawl to heed the warning and hear the call
There’s nothing new about the new world order it’s just a new name

For one to take and hide the truth so the commie’s they can rein