Undercover Agents

Under cover agents malicious identities
Operators for our governments Spreading Tyranny
Under cover agents busting down my door
Operators for the governments saying lie down on the floor
Under cover agents lying when they take the stand
Operators for the government trying to steal my land
Under cover agents His judgement he won’t fudge
Operators for the government assigned another judge
Under cover agents their hauling me away
Operators for the government are jailing me today
Under cover agents they are locking up the door
Operators for the government deny my rights once more
Under cover agents my parole they do deny
Operators for the government wishing I would die
Under cover agents are hiding right in sight
Operators for the government what gives them the right
Under cover agents Reporting on you and me
Operators for the government supplying information for a fee
Under cover agents impose their will on you
Operators for the government telling whom you should screw
Under cover agents seize your assets and your cash
Operators for the government to increase their stolen stash
Under cover agents effecting you and me
Operators for the governments spreading tyranny
Under cover agents is what we must become
Operators against the government and the system that they run
Under cover agents our new identity


Deception all around us
and no one seems to care
Lies are truth’s and Truth’s are lies
lying every where
Science isn’t Science
a religion it has become
Go against the doctrine
and you’ll surely starve my son
Sadistic as it sounds
these words give me no pleasure
The poor get poorer when they implement
their austerity measures
The poor and middle class
will pay for all of it
And as the rich get richer
down upon us they will spit
We’re worthless dirty vermin
that need to die you know
This world is just not big enough
unless it’s you who holds the dough
The taxes they impose on us
To clean the mess they made
Now they tell us take a bus
So our carbon footprints fade
This weaponized religion
Known as climate change
Is all about your money
I know it sounds deranged
The economy’s of the world
are about to crash
So they implemented austerity measures
To inject it with your cash
It’s not about pollution
Or save the planet see
It all about enslavement
Of Humanity
Children they will use
To drive the message home
How Dare our future you abuse
Dig’s deep down to the bone
People now they panic
they believe the government
Their fate they seal upon themselves
and the rich they just lament
They didn’t start it sooner
It’s going oh so well
The piper leading all the rat’s
To the gates of hell

If it’s free it’s not for me

Have you ever noticed all they claim is free
End up costing clearly more than security
Let’s take a look at google or facebook if you like
A place that you can share your stuff even your new bike

They tell you that with your consent You won’t have to pay
That you can use their service free if you do it just their way
And so the bait is on the hook and another sucker caught
You get the use of their platform but here is what you got

You use the service they provide you’re heavily invested in
Your life organized using their platform then you commit a sin
You went against the service and their terms of use
You questioned their authority they say it’s abuse

So they banish you from others black balled now you see
The terms that they demand from you are just short of tyranny
You can’t say this you can’t do that
these are our terms These are our facts

Who gave them the power
oh me I know my bad
but when we have to hide from life
What kind of life do we really have

So when you hear the words it’s free this don’t cost a thing
Don’t believe your lying ears as the canary fails to sing
There’s more to this here madness than what meets the eye
go against the doctrine and your life we’ll surely fry

This is nothing new this is old school don’t you know
It’s been going on for years three millennium or so
What piece of literature do they give away for free
Now don’t get uptight and curse it starts with the letter T

Oh now I hear your whining you finally found it out
You finally figured what this poem what it’s all about
Propaganda they have used in our future and our past
When you hear the words it’s free run the other way now fast

There are many way’s to pay with attention or just time
You only have so many days to ascend that hill you must climb
For when you flip that last page in the book of life
It won’t matter one dam thing Just live your life without strife

Believe what you believe in but do it on your terms
Don’t let others dictate to you what you yourself have learned
Get close to your creator in your special unique way
Ask for guidance in your life and listen to what they say

Use your intuition use discernment what you see
For propaganda is used each day on us it’s effecting you and me
They don’t want critical thinkers they want to dumb you down
To control the source of good they’ll paint you as a clown

Do yourself a solid before your day arrives
When you meet your maker don’t be humble in their eyes
Don’t ask them for forgiveness or another day
Stand tall stand firm and say I did it my way

Second wave

There’s a second wave a coming
And what are you going to do
Will you take and sink or swim
In the sewage that they spew
When the world turns to madness
And it’s you they’re going to screw
There’s a second wave a coming
And what are you going to do
The burning of books or platforms
To hide the truth in a sea of lies
The common man and woman
Soon come to realize
If things were true about the lies they spew
We’d all be dead by now
It seems we’re fast on our feat or maybe unique
We dodged that bullet some how
There’s a second wave a coming
And what are you going to do
Will you take and sink or swim
In the sewage that they spew
When the world turns to madness
And it’s you they’re going to screw
There’s a second wave a coming
And what are you going to do
You can always tell they’re lying
When their lips begin to move
And there ain’t no denying
There’s nothing I can prove
To convince the people
It’s profits they defend
Come on wake up sheeple
The government ain’t your friend
There’s a second wave a coming
And what are you going to do
Will you take and sink or swim
In the sewage that they spew
When the world turns to madness
And it’s you they’re going to screw
There’s a second wave a coming
And what are you going to do
Now here’s how they’ll do it
And this is what they’ll say
They’ll say that you didn’t stay at home
And for this you’ll have to pay
No more mister nice guy
No more voluntary isolation
Now you will be detained and trained
To believe your lying nation
So before the new world order
confiscates all your stuff
They don’t allow no hoarders
Your gonna have to get tough
The hidden hand to take your land
Your liberty and your arms
Don’t comply and they’ll come by
And put you on the farm


The history of Canada and when it began
Sir John A MacDonald well he was the man
right honorable title oh man what a joke
acceptance of bribes and buying of votes
a contract to build a line coast to coast
awarded to those who gave him the most
the first to resign and now don’t you think
our hopes on democracy beginning to stink
end of his rein coined the pacific scandal
handed over the purse for Mackenzie to handle
called into clean up and do a good thing
most won’t remember the lake superior ring
selling his influence to a yank named J Cooke
It seems that Mackenzie was also a crook
Your mind now is racing oh how can that be
what dirt we will find on prime minister three
oh we remember it’s sir john a repeat
ask Lious Reil all about his defeat
he climbed up the gibit and hung from his head
And John A was ruler until he was dead
Next on the list is the lawyer john jc Abbott
He held the cash until John a could grab it
Hughe Alan the cash man Abbott”s client you see
oh it’s to damn disturbing and sorted for me
the first twenty five years gone and nothing but crime
if this is democracy we need something better this time
Now I could tell you about the next twenty five
but do your own homework while your still alive
And please do your research and when your are grooving
You can tell when their lying cause their lips are a moving

The Art Of Insanity

The political system and how it works
buying your votes and what are the quirks
Taking donations are just bribes we know
Everyone does it it’s part of the show
access to contracts to keep them afloat
Consider all options when buying your vote
Political theater to keep you amused
Political disasters now in the news
Political pundents now sheding tears
Political enemies now sharing beers
The election outcome already sold
Here’s your new leader the people are told
The sheep can’t believe that they didn’t win
Their political donations didn’t mean a thing
Their leaders all say one thing is clear
Send me your money we’ll get them next year
Official opposition now is their name
Shame the current government that’s the new game
Bitching and whining that’s what they do
Convincing the sheep Whom they will screw
Political theater it’s quite the joke
The money they spend a horse it would choke
People are homeless and hungry who cares
Politicians are soulless when selling their wares
They’ll tell you anything that you want to hear
Keep buying their bently’s and porche’s and beer
Give them your money that’s what you do
When buying a joke and the joke is on you

Feast of the Circumcision of Christ

January first celebrated around the world why
People gathered hand in hand to sing Auld Lang syne
Vowing to never forgot old friends they cry
Here’s the hidden history that was lost with time

For a period of 400 hundred years of naivety
it was called before Nineteen sixty
The Circumcision of the Lord
and the Octave of the Nativity

Now named the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God,
The Octave Day of the Nativity of the Lord
Circumcision cut from the name and his rod
Genital mutilation by his ward

On December twenty fifth some call Christ Mass day
A nameless child a virgin birth
A savior put upon this earth
A deity to whom some still pray

On the eighth or octave day
A religious rite performed on him
A religious debt he has to pay
Resulting in the loss of his foreskin

So every year now billions pay
homage to this barbaric curse
And still they celebrate New years day
Church or state now which is worse

Now here’s my take on this new name
The Octave day for what it’s worth
Your voice is higher when your in pain
When mutilating a perfect birth